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Sezairi It S You

Get Sezairi It S You MP3 Courtesy in My Raandriake Mp3 uploaded by SezairiVEVO. The sezairi-it-s-you have 2022-07-01 23:58:52 and PT4M14S. Details of Sezairi - It's You (Official Music Video) MP3 check it out.
Sezairi - It's You (Lyrics)

Sezairi - It's You (Lyrics)

Santai Vibes
2 weeks ago
It's You by Sezairi (Jenzen Guino Cover)

It's You by Sezairi (Jenzen Guino Cover)

Jenzen Guino Official
9 months ago
Sezairi - It's You [1 Hour]

Sezairi - It's You [1 Hour]

1 year ago
Sezairi - It's You (Lyrics)

Sezairi - It's You (Lyrics)

11 months ago

Sezairi - It's You (Official Music Video)
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You're my love, my life, my beginning
And I'm just so stumped I got you
Girl, you are the piece I've been missing
Remembering now

Director: Randy Ang
Producer: Nicholas Chu, Mike Chew
Director of Photography: Jack Chen
Camera Assistant: Yeh Jong Diing Gaffer: Choo Chor Ik
Grips: Weijie, Vincent
Hair and Makeup Stylist: Manisa Tan
Editor: Mike Chew
Wardrobe: Wedding Crafters Singapore
Actress: Carla Dunarenu
Sezairi's Hair and Makeup: Sha Shamsi for Burberry makeup and Keune, assisted by Laea Hidayah Sezairi's
Wardrobe: Randolph Tan
Location: Yellowbox Studios, Tay Family

(C) 2018 Sony Music Entertainment Singapore

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