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Hamadai Nakuja Audio Download

Download Hamadai Nakuja Audio Download MP3 Courtesy in My Raandriake Mp3 uploaded by KwetuStudios. The hamadai-nakuja-audio-download have 2022-07-04 16:10:22 and PT3M3S. Details of Zee X Hamadai - Nakuja Offial Video MP3 check it out.
Nakuja (feat. Hamadai)

Nakuja (feat. Hamadai)

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9 months ago
Zee ft. Hamadai - Nakuja (Lyric Video)

Zee ft. Hamadai - Nakuja (Lyric Video)

Lyrical Lyricist
6 months ago

ZEE and HAMADAI both are artists under Kwetu studios Label.
NAKUJA official audio is a song talking about a girl who is waiting for his Boyfriend and the Boyfriend tells her that " I'm coming" in Kiswahili "NAKUJA"
audio produced by BLAZA
Video Directed by KWETU STUDIOS